How do I apply for a Minor Project Permit?

Submit the following to the Conservation Administrator at Town Hall:

  • A Minor Project Permit Application provides contact information and a brief description of the proposed work;
  • A site plan, map, or accurate sketch plan showing the location and dimensions of the proposed work; and
  • A check payable to "Town of Reading" in the amount of $50 for the filing fee.

Upon receipt of these application materials, the Administrator will schedule a site inspection to assure that the work is located with proper setbacks from the wetlands and can be carried out without harm to the wetlands. If so, the Administrator will issue the Permit. If not, the Administrator will work with the applicant to modify the design as appropriate.

Minor Projects do not require public notice or public hearings, but the Conservation Commission will review and ratify the Permit during their next regular meeting.

Minor Project Permits are good for three years, but may not be revised or extended.

Upon completion of work, the applicant requests a final inspection by the Conservation Commission. If the Commission is satisfied with the work, they will issue a letter closing the file.

View the RDA checklist (PDF) for a complete description of application requirements.

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