Why are wetlands important?

During storms, wetlands hold water, preventing flooding and erosion. During the dry season, they release stored water to keep stream and ponds flowing. The soils and plants in wetlands remove pollutants to keep our water clean. Wetlands provide food, shelter, breeding, and migratory habitat for fish and wildlife.

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1. What are wetlands?
2. Why are wetlands important?
3. What laws apply to wetlands in Reading?
4. How can I tell if there are wetlands on or near my property?
5. When do I need to get a wetlands permit?
6. What kinds of permits are there, and which one should I apply for?
7. What happens after I receive the permit?
8. Where can I obtain further information?
9. How do I apply for a Minor Project Permit?
10. How do I apply for a Determination of Applicability?
11. How do I apply for an Order of Resource Area Delineation?
12. How do I apply for an Order of Conditions?
13. Where do I can I find the Bylaws and any other Rules and Regulations?