Where are we in the process?

In late 2022 we received early Technical Assistance from the Mass Housing Partnership (MHP) and their consulting team in order to test our existing zoning districts for both compliance and unit capacity. They analyzed the existing zones that allow multi-family by-right and determined that none of them currently meet the density and acreage requirements. Their analysis and recommendations are summarized in this memo

In January 2023 the Town submitted the required Action Plan to remain in interim compliance while we work this year to plan the revisions to our Zoning Bylaw and our Action Plan was approved.

In June 2023 we launched a survey (link at the top of the page) in order to gain the necessary preliminary resident input to inform our decision-making as we move into the technical specifics of proposing changes to our zoning districts. We are asking for input on what sizes and styles of multi-family housing are preferable and in what locations. We will have the ability as we craft our zoning to choose the locations, set dimensional controls (lot size, setbacks, lot coverage, etc.), provide design guidelines, parking requirements, and more. We encourage you to take the survey. 

We currently anticipate presenting preliminary options for zoning changes in Fall 2023 and bringing the final proposal to Town Meeting in 2024. 

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