How is the Storm Water Enterprise Fund (SWEF) fee calculated?

Single and Two-Family properties will be billed at a flat rate. All other properties will be assessed an annual storm water fee based on the total amount of impervious surface area on the lot, which will be billed quarterly. Condominium properties will be billed based on the total amount of impervious surface, at a maximum of the single and two-family rate, for each condominium unit. The amount will appear as a separate charge on your quarterly water and sewer bill. The fee will follow for the following different types of property:

Property TypeStorm Water Fee
UndevelopedNo Fee
Single & Two-Family Residences
Flat fee of $15.00 per quarter or ($60.00 annually)
Multi-Family, Commercial / Industrial
Fee is based on Total Impervious Surface Area

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1. What is storm water?
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4. How is the Storm Water Enterprise Fund (SWEF) fee calculated?
5. How is total impervious surface area determined?
6. For what purposes will (SWEF) fee revenue be used?
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