Reporting a Public or Environmental Health Code Violation

Lodging a Complaint

**You are entitled to make an anonymous complaint, but if you do so, remember that the board may not be able to reach you for additional information**

Food Poisoning

If you or your doctor suspect food poisoning, it is important to contact your the Health Department as soon as possible, and provide information including the time of onset, duration of symptoms, and associated food. Food Poisoning cannot be considered a confirmed diagnosis without clinical specimens. Even if you did not seek medical care, you can still file a complaint with the  board of health, which should investigate any complaint that appears valid, even if it is anonymous (this is not encouraged, as it makes it difficult to judge validity or make a follow up inquiry).

Landlord / Tenant or other Housing Issues

If you contact your landlord regarding a housing issue and your landlord fails to address the issue, it is important that you reach out to the health department as soon as possible to inform us of the situation. The Health Department will verify the housing code violation and issue an order to correct the violation. A re-inspection at the property will be conducted and a compliance letter will be issued if all violations are remedied.

**Always contact your landlord first, and if nothing is done to remedy the violation, you can then reach out to the Health Department**

Nuisances and Noisome Trades

The BOH conducts inspections of nuisances and executes appropriate enforcement actions to eliminate them. 

Types of complaints investigated by the BOH include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Noise
  • Odors
  • Lead
  • Dust
  • Trash
  • Rodents
  • Bird feeding
  • Standing water
  • Food poisoning
  • Illegal dumping
  • Snow obstruction
  • Overgrown vegetation