Town Clerk

History of the Town Clerk:

The position of Town Clerk has an ancient & honorable history. In biblical times town clerks were scribes or scholars, learned men who were among the few people who could read and write. Their writings became the historical record of the times.

The position has since evolved to include many duties now mandated by law, and many others established by tradition in the community. Functions of the office vary with the size of the community and whether the Town Clerk is a full or part-time position.

In some communities the Town Clerk may also be the Finance Officer, Tax Collector, Treasurer, or Town Manager. In Massachusetts, most Town Clerks are elected to office; in some communities, they are appointed by the Board of Selectmen or the Town Manager.

Town Clerks are committed to work beyond the scope of the mandates and customs of their communities and serve the citizens as the focal point of town government.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Laura A Gemme Town Clerk (781) 942-9050
Julia Rodger Assistant Town Clerk (781) 942-6650
Joan Peterson Clerk (781) 942-6649
Karen Burke
Rebecca Kyle

Board of Registrars

NameTerm Expires
Krissandra Holmes


Harry Simmons


Gloria R. Hulse





Joyce Boyan

Dorothy Shediac

Nancy Smethurst

Ted Smethurst

Tina Collins