GIS Map Library

The following maps were produced by the Town of Reading GIS office.  Zoning and street maps are available for purchase at the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall.  Trail maps can be found here.  All maps are subject to this disclaimer.

Property Maps (11"x17")
By clicking on the property map index you can open each of the 61 Town property maps.  Full size (24" x 36") tax maps are available in Town Hall at the Assessing and Engineering Offices.
This map shows Reading conservation areas and the Town Forest.  Access points and dedicated parking lots are indicated.  The general location of trails is shown - these will be updated as new mapping is completed. Other trail maps can be found here.
This map shows downtown parking regulations as approved by the Board of Selectmen.  The regulations are current as of the map date, 7/19.
Flood Zone map (24"x36")
This GIS map shows FEMA flood zones. 
New FEMA maps went into affect June 4, 2010.  FEMA FIRM maps remain the official document for determining flood insurance applicability.  FIRMs are available for review in the Engineering Division.  Pdf versions of the FIRM maps can be found here. An interactive web map can be found here.
New voting precincts based on the 2010 census took effect on January 1, 2012. Individual precinct maps (8 1/2" x 11") can be viewed by opening the map to the left and then clicking on the desired precinct.  
This street map includes an inset map of downtown and an index of street locations.
Elementary school districts approved by Reading School Department 12/05.
Middle School districts approved by Reading School Department 12/05.

Summer Avenue Historic District map (8.5"x11")

Approved by Town Meeting 11/10/2014.

West Street Historic District map (8.5"x11")

Wetlands map (24"x36")

Note that this map does not substitute for wetlands delineation in the field.  

Zoning map (townwide, 11"x17")

Zoning map set

Zoning and overlay districts.  

Conservation and trail maps can be found here.