History of the Reading Police Patch



The Reading Police Department patch is the official town seal, which features a picture of a millhouse, an arm holding a sword, pine boughs, and the number 1644. The town seal was designed by Mr. George Abbott, an architect and member of the Board of Water Commissioners. The seal includes a picture of a millhouse, representing Lob’s Pound Mill. This mill stood for over 200 years on the banks of the Ipswich River on what is now known as "Mill Street" near the North Reading line. The mill operated first as a sawmill and then as a gristmill. On the seal an arm holding a sword protrudes from the roof of the mill. This arm and sword was taken from the seal of the Commonwealth, representing unity with the state. The evergreen boughs represent the Town of Reading’s old colloquial name, Wood End. The number 1644 represents the year in which the town was incorporated. The seal was adopted by the town in 1890.