Weapons/Ammunition Turn-In & Registration

Weapons/Ammunition Turn-In

If there is a weapon, ammunition or related device/material that you would like to:

  1. Turn-In;
  2. Have Destroyed;
  3. Believe someone should no longer have access to.

Please contact the Reading Police Department immediately at (781) 944-1212. We will take in any/all items that are related to firearms and weaponry for the purpose of public safety.

Please DO NOT bring any weapons, ammunition or related devices inside of the Police Station. If you come to the station please leave it in your locked vehicle and the officer will come and collect it upon your arrival. Officers will come to your residence to collect any/all items upon request.

Weapons Registration

Please be sure that any weapons within your possession are legally and lawfully registered on the Massachusetts Gun Portal.

If you have recently moved to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts please be sure to register all weapons and apply for a License to Carry or Firearms Identification Card.

Weapons Transfer & Inheritance

The Licensing Officer of the Reading Police Department will gladly assist in the transferring of weapons or the inheritance of weapons from a deceased loved one. All transactions will be facilitated on the Massachusetts Gun Portal. If you have any questions please contact the Licensing Officer at LTC@ci.reading.ma.us.


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