RAD - Self Defense Program


The Reading Police Department started the RAD program in 1996 and has taught well over a thousand women self-defense.  This program has remained free of charge since thanks to donations and support from individuals and community groups.  


Call 781-942-6761 or email Community Service Officer O’Shaughnessy at KOShaughnessy@ci.reading.ma.us for sign-ups and questions.

Program Coordinators

Community Service Officer Kristen O'Shaughnessy
Deputy Chief Christine Amendola

Team Members

Officer Sal LaVita
Officer Ian Nelson
Safety Officer Michael Scouten
Officer Kaylyn Balbo
Dispatcher Debbie Haynes
School Resource Officer Matthew Vatcher
Armorer Scott Craven
Dispatcher Brad Mickle
Officer Cody Costa
Officer Maria Nacopoulos

What is RAD?

RAD is an acroynm for the Rape-Agression-Defense self defense system to teach women and children quick, effective defenses to the most common attacks in domestic violence, rape, and street assaults.