Department Roster

TitleName Rank
Chief of PoliceDavid J. ClarkChief of Police
Deputy Chief of Police Deputy Chief of Police
Criminal Division Commander/ Accreditation/ RAD InstructorRichard AbateLieutenant Detective
Support Services Division Commander/ Accreditation Manager/ Training Supervisor/ RAD InstructorChristine AmendolaLieutenant
Day Shift Division Commander/ Honor Guard CommanderJohn McKennaLieutenant
Night Shift Division Commander/ Accreditation/ Dispatch Supervisor

Kevin Brown

Patrol SupervisorMark O'BrienSergeant
Patrol SupervisorChris PiccoSergeant
Patrol Supervisor/ Field Training Officer- Supervisor/ Honor Guard SupervisorChris JonesSergeant
Patrol Supervisor/ Firearms Instructor/ FTOPatrick SilvaSergeant
Patrol SupervisorCorey SantaskySergeant
Patrol Supervisor/ Head Firearms InstructorJustin MartelSergeant
Patrol Supervisor / Honor Guard Supervisor/ Mountain Bike Unit SupervisorMatthew EdsonSergeant
Patrol OfficerChris VoegelinOfficer
Patrol Officer/ Field Training Officer (FTO)David SavioOfficer
Detective/ Honor GuardDerek HolmesDetective
Patrol Officer/ Honor Guard/ Mountain Bike UnitMichael LeeOfficer
Patrol OfficerKeith HurleyOfficer
Court Prosecutor / Detective/ Honor GuardMichael FitzgeraldDetective
Detective/ RAD Instructor/ Honor GuardMichelle HalloranDetective
Patrol Officer/ FTO / RAD Instructor/ Honor GuardSal LavitaOfficer
Patrol Officer/ FTO/ Mountain Bike UnitSean WilsonOfficer
Patrol Officer/ FTO / Firearms Instructor/ RAD Instructor/ Honor GuardIan NelsonOfficer
Community Service Officer / FTO/ RAD InstructorKristen O'ShaughnessyOfficer
DetectiveRobert MacHughDetective
Patrol Officer/ FTOErik DrauschkeOfficer
DetectiveMike MuoloDetective
Traffic & Safety Officer/ RAD InstructorMichael ScoutenOfficer
School Resource Officer- Middle and Elementary Schools / FTO/ RAD Instructor/ Mountain Bike UnitMatthew VatcherOfficer
Patrol Officer/ FTOMatthew OrrOfficer
Patrol Officer/ RAD Instructor/ FTO/ Mountain Bike UnitKaylyn GooleyOfficer
Patrol Officer Timothy BarrettOfficer
School Resource Officer- High SchoolBrian Lewis


Armorer/ RAD Instructor/  FTO/ Honor GuardScott CravenOfficer
Patrol OfficerAndrew KirwanOfficer

Patrol Officer/ Honor Guard/ NEMLEC-RRT

Zachary Fontes


Patrol Officer/ Mountain Bike UnitBenjamin Woodward


Patrol OfficerStephen PellandOfficer
Patrol Officer/ Mountain Bike UnitPaul PeoplesOfficer
Patrol Officer/ FTOJoshua GracialeOfficer
Patrol OfficerBrendan MacEachernOfficer
Patrol Officer/ Mountain Bike Unit/ RAD InstructorCody CostaOfficer
Patrol Officer/ Honor Guard/ Mountain Bike UnitJoshua GriffithOfficer
Patrol OfficerChristopher BriereOfficer
Patrol OfficerBrian CatanzanoOfficer
Patrol Officer/ RAD InstructorMaria NacopoulosOfficer