Emergency Management

Mission Statement:

The primary goal for Emergency Management is to identify areas of vulnerability to the community, to prepare for all disasters whether natural or manmade, to coordinate the response of a wide range of agencies and assist in the recovery phase. A secondary goal is to ensure the Town of Reading is in compliance with all Federal and State requirements to enable the community to remain eligible to receive reimbursement for Federal and State disaster declarations. In 2013 the Town of Reading received a total of $155,832.69 in reimbursement for eligible costs incurred in responding to the February 8-9, 2013 blizzard.

Emergency Management is an active component of the Department. Housed within Reading’s Emergency Management system are three components, Emergency Management, the Local Emergency Planning Committee and the North East Homeland Security Region (NERAC). NERAC is one of the 5 Massachusetts homeland security regions created by the Executive Office of Public Safety.

Federal and State legislation requires every community in the country to have a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). The LEPC identifies areas where the population is most at risk from a hazardous materials release, facilities and transportation routes that contain hazardous materials and resources that would be used to mitigate an incident. 

To pool resources the Town of Reading has joined with other communities and formed the Mystic Regional Emergency Planning Committee. The Mystic Regional Emergency Planning Committee has grown to nineteen member communities and is designed to facilitate the sharing of resources in the event of an emergency. The Mystic Regional Emergency Planning Committee has achieved Full Certification Status by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

The Reading Fire Department has developed a Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan to meet both Federal and State statutory planning requirements. For the Town of Reading the Fire Chief is the Local Emergency Planning Committee Chairman.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Chief Gregory Burns (781) 944-3132
Assistant Chief Paul Jackson (781) 942-6732
Captain Richard Nelson (781) 942-6733