Human Relations Advisory Committee

Human Relations Advisory Committee
Mission Statement

The Human Relations Advisory Committee (HRAC), an advisory group for the Reading Board of Selectmen, promotes and encourages respect for the human and civil rights of all Reading residents. HRAC sponsors outreach efforts and educational programs to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity. The Committee works to prevent prejudice and discrimination on the basis of color, age, gender, religion, disability, culture, national origin, ancestry or sexual orientation. HRAC is a safe place where individuals or groups may plan opportunities for intercultural interactions or share concerns about mistreatment. To ensure that Reading is a welcoming and vibrant community, the HRAC celebrates each individual’s unique qualities.


The Human Relations Advisory Committee shall:

  • Engage in outreach to such groups which may have suffered from or been the object of such discrimination or may perceive themselves to have been the object of the same;

  • Provide a safe place where individuals or groups may air their concerns or complaints as to the existence of such discrimination or where concerns as to the potential existence of such discrimination within the Town or community at large or the perception thereof may be discussed;

  • Identify perceived problems of such discrimination or human relations conflicts within the Town and be a resource or referral agency to assist the parties or mediate among the parties so as, to the extent possible, permit the resolution of the same at the local level; and

  • Promote and encourage understanding, tolerance and diversity and the recognition of human and civil rights in the Town and community and sponsor educational programs and the celebrations of events for that purpose.


Human Relations Advisory Committee Members
MemberTitleTerm Expires
Ashley GrossChair2024
David ClarkPolice Liaison2022
Danielle DiVirgilioMember2022
Carolyn JohnsonAssociate2023
Sherilla LestradeMember


Carolyn WhitingAssociate2022
Kyung YuMember2023
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