Selectmen Survey Comments

It is with pleasure that we release the second portion of the Selectmen’s survey.  These comments represent the thoughts and opinions of the over 2,200 residents who took the time to give us their feedback on issues facing the financial future of the town of Reading.  The comments you see are the ones submitted by the residents in raw form.  They are not edited, and nothing was omitted. The comments are organized by survey question, and further divided on how the respondent said they voted in the October override election:  Yes, No, or did not vote.  The comments from question 13 were released previously, but are included here for completeness.

There may be a tendency for readers to jump around to see if their comment was included.  They all were, verbatim.  There may also be the temptation to find comments which align with your already pre-conceived beliefs.  We encourage you to keep an open mind. As we learned from Jayne Miller’s excellent presentation of the data at the joint Board of Selectmen, School Committee and Library Trustee meeting on November 14, the majority of survey respondents are not locked into their position.  They can be persuaded, either way.  

It is in this spirit that we ask you to read all of the comments. We also urge you to stay engaged in the budget process which starts in the next few weeks.  There will be, by our count, over fifteen public meetings between now and April 3rd, when voters may be asked again to weigh-in on an operating override.  We will do our best to present all the relevant information in a clear and cogent manner.  But it is ultimately up to you, the voter, to stay informed, ask questions, and speak to your elected officials and each other.  We firmly believe that when we are engaged in open, honest and civil dialogue, we will come together to make the right decisions for the Town.

Respectfully submitted,

Barry Berman

For the Board of Selectmen

Comments are included as a downloadable PDF