Cultural Council

Mission Statement:

Each year, the Reading Cultural Council (RCC) awards a number of grants to individuals and organizations offering cultural programs that serve our community. These include school field trips, after school programs, concerts, festivals, lectures, theater, dance, music, and film. The projects take place in schools, community centers, libraries, elder care facilities, town halls, parks, and wherever the community comes together. The RCC is part of a statewide cultural funding network authorized and funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The RCC acts as the local agent in the town of Reading for the distribution, receipt and evaluation of applications for funds from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and serves as a resource for the dissemination of cultural information in the community.

Council Priorities:
In order to apply for a grant, applicants must meet all eligibility and criteria requirements of the Reading Cultural Council.  The Council has established the following priorities to reflect local concerns and community cultural needs: 

  • Programs that serve broad segments of the community
  • Programs that involve collaboration
  • Programs that are new and diverse
  • Programs that contribute to the cultural vitality of the community as a whole
  • Programs must be performed at an accessible Reading venue, although field trips to locations outside Reading are eligible.
  • Proposals must state a performance date, confirmed artist and venue to be considered
  • Programs must have alternate sources of funding and guarantee they will run with only partial RCC funding
  • Only on-line applications will be accepted
  • Only one application will be accepted from each organization or applicant unless multiple constituencies are being served
  • All applicants must read and adhere to the LCC Program Guidelines. You may find a copy of the guidelines in the LCC Program Guidelines tab here
  • Grants are reimbursement-based. Applicants awarded funding must conduct their program using their own funds and then submit paperwork for reimbursement
  • Applications are due by October 15, 2018


Email the Reading Cultural Council.


Cultural Council Members
MemberTittleTerm Expires
Nora BuckoMember2019
Megan Fidler-CareyAssociate2020
Brian KimererMember2021
Maryann KozlowskiMember2021
Rosemary LewisSecretary2020
Donna SchenkelChair2020
Jane SolowayTreasurer2021
Nancy ZiemiakMember2020
Official Board and Committee Members list posted by Town Clerk