Town Forest

Town Forest
The Town Forest (which is under the control of the Town  Forest Committee) is a 290 acre site located in the northwestern part of  town. It can be accessed by main entrances on Fox Run Lane (off  of Franklin St.) and Strout Ave (off of Grove St.). There is an additional  entrance at the end of Roma Lane.  Street parking is available off of Fox Run Ln. and  along Grove St., in front of Strout Ave (this road is usually chained off to general traffic).
The Town Forest has an extensive trail system, many of  which are fairly flat roads. Most of these trails are  suitable for walks or bikes, but be aware that many  trails go throughtfw1.jpg swampy areas that may be wet and muddy,  depending on the time of year. There are a few camping  sites utilized by local Boy Scout troops,  but please take note that camping is by permit only (see General Rules and Information). A  cross-country ski trail was recently set up, marked by signs such as this one and blue ribbons.
Among the many natural features of the Town Forest are large  Pine trees, numerous vernal pools, and part of the Ipswich River.
Winter Views
The Town Forest was created in April, 1930 when over 100,000 red and white pine, spruce,  balsam, and scotch pine trees were planted by local Boy Scouts and other  interested citizens. The "pine plantations" are now mature forests, over 60 years old. Many species of birds and animals live in the town forest currently, and the acidic soil  allows pink and white ladyslippers to grow here.
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