Community Planning and Development Commission



CPDC shall make studies and prepare plans concerning the resources, developmental potential and needs of the Town. CPDC annually reports to the Town giving information regarding the physical condition of the Town and any plans or proposals known to it affecting the resources, physical development and needs of the Town. CPDC shall have the power to regulate the sub-division of land within the Town by the adoption of rules and regulations governing such development. CPDC shall have all of the power and duties given to Planning Boards, Boards of Survey and Industrial Development Commissions under the Constitution and General Laws of the Commonwealth, and such additional powers and duties as may be authorized by the Charter, by Bylaw or by other Town Meeting vote.


Community Planning and Development Commission Members
MemberTittleTerm Expires
Pamela AdrianMember2020
Anthony D'ArezzoAssociate2019
Rachel D HitchMember2021
Nicholas SafinaChair2019
David B TuttleMember2020
John WestonMember2019
Official Board and Committee Members list posted by Town Clerk


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Julie Mercier Community Development Director (781) 942-6648
Jean Delios Assistant Town Manager (781) 942-6612
Andrew MacNichol Planning Assistant (781) 942-6674