Board of Selectmen

Selectmen's Duties:

The Board of Selectmen is composed of five members who are elected for overlapping three year terms. As specified in the Reading Home Rule Charter they are the Chief Elected Officers of the Town. The Selectmen appoint a Town Manager who is responsible for the daily management of the Town, whose powers are specified in the Reading Home Rule Charter. The Board of Selectmen also appoints the Town Accountant and Town Counsel.

The Board holds its regular meetings on Tuesdays as indicated on the website calendar. Meetings are held at 7:00 pm in the Selectmen's Meeting Room at Town Hall. Agendas are posted on the Town's website on the Thursday before the meeting and the packets are posted on the website the Monday afternoon before the meeting. Mail may be sent to the Board members at the above street address, fax or email.

The Selectmen call Town Elections and prepare the Warrants for Town Meetings and make recommendations on the Warrant Articles. They initiate legislative policy by inserting Articles in the Town Meeting Warrants and then implement the votes subsequently adopted. They adopt Town policies that can be found in the Selectmen's Policies; review fiscal guidelines for the annual operating budget and capital improvements program and make recommendations to Town Meeting on the same. The Board of Selectmen serves as the Road Commissioners for the Town of Reading and oversees traffic issues and approves the Town's Traffic Rules and Regulations. In addition, the Board appoints members to most of the Town's Boards, Committees and Commissions.

The Selectmen also serve as the licensing board responsible for issuing and renewing licenses for alcohol establishments, restaurants, car dealers, peddlers and entertainment and amusement devices.

Questions regarding activities of the Board of Selectmen may be directed to the office of the Town Manager at (781) 942-9043.

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Caitlin Saunders (781) 942-6644

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