Zoning Maps

The Zoning Map set was approved by Town Meeting on April 8, 2013. It has been updated several times since then. The full set of 61 maps can be accessed below.  The cover sheet for the set can be found here.  A town-wide zoning map (11" x 17") can be found here.  Maps are updated when changes are made by Town Meeting and approved by the Attorney General's Office.
To view a Zoning Map: 
Click on the Zoning Map Index (to the left), then click on any map number to open that map.
All maps are in pdf format. Maps are formatted to print 24"x18" in size. 
Paper zoning map sets are available for viewing in the Engineering and Community Services Departments and at the Town Clerk's office.  Townwide zoning maps are available for purchase at the Town Clerk's office.