In a few sentences, what are the zoning changes being put forth?

For compliance, we propose a new district that encircles downtown Reading with gentle density. Our new “Mixed Residential” base zoning district eliminates the existing zone A-40 and combines those parcels with the single-family zoned land that directly encircles them and downtown Reading within a ½ mile of our train depot. This new district allows residential projects up to 22 units per acre by-right on the lots in the district. This means that the majority of lots can have anywhere from 1 to 8 units of housing on them while keeping dimensional controls similar to our single-family districts and incorporating Affordable housing requirements.

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1. What is the MBTA Communities law (3A)?
2. What does this mean for Reading specifically?
3. How did the state calculate our requirements?
4. Do we currently comply with the law?
5. Why should we comply?
6. By-right Development & Site Plan Review
7. What are Reading’s existing housing goals?
8. How does compliance work?
9. Why can’t we use Accessory Dwelling Units to comply?
10. Can we just zone over existing apartment complexes?
11. Where are we in the process?
12. Survey Results
13. Materials from our Knowledge Series held Fall 2023
14. Materials from our Public Hearings held Dec 2023 - Feb 2024
15. In a few sentences, what are the zoning changes being put forth?
16. Proposed Dimensional Controls for the New District
17. I’m concerned about the impacts of future construction
18. When do we have to build units?
19. What happens after the new zoning is adopted by Town Meeting?
20. This is the first I’m hearing of this; how have you been informing the public?
21. General Zoning Considerations & Definitions
22. Helpful Studies and Links
23. Local Data, Resources, and Documents