Employee Parking Pass

Employee Parking Pass


There are designated employee parking area’s/spaces in the Downtown Business District available to any employee of the downtown business district area. Please refer to the map below to see all designated employee parking. (Color coded in blue)  

Employee passes are $240.00 annually. The placard is good from January1st - December 31st of each calendar year. They normally go on sale mid-December. Each business is allowed to purchase up 20 passes. Additional passes will be decided on a case by case basis and determined by the need of other businesses. 

To purchase these passes online please go to: readingma.viewpointcloud.com . You may still purchase in person if you prefer by printing the attached application and bringing it into the Police Station. Please see hours below. 

 For additional information regarding purchasing of Employee Parking Passes please contact Erika Ballard, Parking Clerk at the contact information listed below.


Erika Ballard

Parking Clerk

M-T-W 8am to 4:30 pm, TH 8am to 4pm, Fri closed

(P) 781-942-6642 (Email) eballard@ci.reading.ma.us



***Purchasing a placard does not guarantee a space each day or guarantee a space closet to your place of employment*** 

Downtown Parking Map