1. When is my street going to be paved?

The Engineering Division has a prioritized list that is used to determine what year your street is scheduled for paving, pending all necessary funding. This list was produced by a private consultant and then approved by the Board of Selectmen. A copy of this list can be viewed in the Engineering Division. General concerns regarding pothole repairs on your street should be directed to the Department of Public Works Highway Division at 781-942-9092 Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm.

  1. How do I obtain a plot plan for my property?
  1. Where on my property are the water and sewer pipes located going into my house?
  1. What year was my house built?
  1. Can I connect a drain line on my property into the Town’s drainage system?
  1. How do I request to have the underground utilities on my property marked by Dig Safe prior to any excavation?
  1. How do I obtain a new house number, or how do I change my current house number?
  1. Does the Engineering Division recommend any surveyors?
  1. What is the procedure to either widen my existing driveway, or to add an additional driveway on my property?