Voting Precincts

By MGL, new voting precincts must be drawn based on the 2020 federal census. On November 23, 2021 the Select Board adopted a new precinct map based on the one found at the link above. This map was prepared by the state using 2020 census population figures plus input from the Town as to where new growth is likely to take place. The new precinct boundaries must be approved by the state's Local Election Districts Review Commission (LEDRC) before they are considered final. The LEDRC approved new precinct maps on December 2, 2021 and will take effect on January 1, 2022.

Some Reading voters will find themselves in new precincts. All Town Meeting seats will be open at next spring's election as well. This means that current Town Meeting members must run for re-election if they wish to remain in Town Meeting. Some current members will find themselves running in a different precinct from the one they currently represent.

The above maps are the approved 2022 Precincts. Please contact the Town Clerk's office with any questions you may have.