Candidate Reminders

Just a Few Reminders for Candidates

150' Regulation:

Any candidate, member of a ballot question committee, and or their staff, are prohibited from remaining within 150 feet of a polling location…for the purpose of greeting and or promoting any candidacy or cause to be voted on at that election.

Election Rules within 150 feet:

No posting, exhibition, circulation, or distribution of material - - including posters, stickers, cards, handbills, placards, pictures or circulars - - intended to influence the action of the voter; MGL Chapter 54 Section 65

No solicitation of votes for or against, or any other form of promotion or opposition of, any person or political party or position on a ballot question, to be voted on at the current election; 950 CMR Section 52.03(22)(d); 53.03(18)(d), 54.04(22)(d)

No holding any campaign signs, handing any person literature intended to influence the voter’s action at the polls; wearing any campaign buttons or identifying signage; soliciting a person’s vote for or against a candidate or question on the ballot; or distributing stickers

Things to Know About Political Signs:

Political signs do not need a sign permit but must not exceed 6 square feet (2’ x 3’). Multiple signs in one location are allowed.

A political sign cannot be displayed more than 60 days before the election or more than 2 days after the election.

A political sign cannot be placed on any tree, utility pole, traffic sign, or similar fixtures. No sign may be placed on any public property or placed on property so that the sign encroaches on public property.

If a violation of the sign Bylaw occurs, your sign will be removed and discarded. If you have any questions about sign regulations please call the Public Services Department at 781-942-6620.