The following information is required to enable the Reading Health Department to sign off on Demolition applications:
  • Pest control assessment report: confirmation from a licensed pest control operator showing that an assessment, and treatment if necessary, has been completed.
  • Asbestos assessment plan from a licensed Asbestos Inspector: If asbestos found provide a removal plan, from a licensed Asbestos removal contractor and a copy of the DEP ANF001 form
  • Lead Safe Renovation plan: If the structure was built before 1978, the demolition contractor has to be a licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards as a Licensed Lead Safe Renovation contractor and their employees must be trained in the use of lead-safe work practices.
  • Abutters must be notified. Proof of notification and letter must be provided to the Health Department
  • Survey of Septic tanks and cesspools if present , must also file for an abandonment permit
  • A dust remediation plan identifying how dust is to be controlled during the demolition process to prevent migration across the property line
  • A survey of wells (irrigation and potable) must be conducted
  • A temporary dumpster permit – if demolished materials are to be stored onsite overnight or longer

****Additional information may be required based on the nature, location, and length of project.