Social Services

We are dedicated to helping our Reading residents live actively and engage in the community. We provide education, support and services for residents of all ages. 

If you have any questions on the below services, please call Kerry Valle, Senior Case Manager at (781) 942-6659 or Alyse Warren, Nurse Advocate at (781) 942-6693.

  • Reading Response Program
  1. Lifeline Medical Alert
  2. Medical Transportation
  3. Adult Day Health

Income Based Guidelines to qualify for the program:

1 person - $55,000

2 person - $62,850

For every $5,000 over the income guidelines there is a $5.00 co-pay. Clients on standard Mass Health are not eligible.


  • File of Life - In an emergency situation when First Responders arrive on the scene they are looking for important information about the person in need. A File of Life allows our First Responders to immediately begin the best possible treatment, notify loved ones, and pass this vital information to awaiting physicians in the emergency room.


  • Fuel Assistance - Offered by the Great Lawrence Community Action Council (GLCAC)


  • Shine Counseling - Free Medicare benefits counseling


  • Patient Portal Instruction - Helping clients navigate their patient portal for their medical care


  • Blood Pressure Checks – Scheduled times at 60+ living communities and the Pleasant Street Center


  • Home Visits


  • Money Management


  • Property Tax Worker Progrm


  • AARP Tax Preparation (volunteer based)

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