Historic House Marker Program

The Reading Historical Commission (RHC) is pleased to offer house plaques for purchase to homeowners of Reading’s Historical and Architectural Inventoried properties. This program is part of the RHC’s town-wide effort to recognize historic and architecturally significant houses. Homeowners are encouraged to be active and conscious custodians of their home’s heritage. The plaques will provide the approximate date of construction for each residence and will enhance the appearance and enjoyment of Reading’s historic homes by residents and visitors alike. 

Eligibility: The property must be listed on the Historical and Architectural Inventory maintained by the RHC and available on the Town website. 

Dimensions: The plaque is 8.5" by 16" and is made of PVC board with predrilled holes. Stainless Steel screws are included. While the material is decidedly modern, the RHC feels that the durability and longevity of the material is a good low maintenance solution. 

Color: The plaque has a white background with routed black lettering and border, with “Reading Historical Property” in vinyl lettering. 

Installation: Plaque should be displayed on the street side of the home. Installation is the responsibility of the homeowner. 

Cost: Plaques may be ordered through the RHC during the year at the regular price of $44.00.