Green Communities Information

In mid-2020, the Town of Reading, with technical assistance from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and in coordination with the Climate Advisory Committee, began the effort to become designated as a Green Community, pursuant to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Green Community Designation and Grant Program.

There are 5 Criteria for becoming designated. As of August 2021, Reading has achieved 4 criteria. The Town is currently working on establishing the Town's energy use baseline and determining energy use reduction goals and strategies in furtherance of the Town's Energy Reduction Plan (20% reduction in 5 years).

Green Communities Criteria

Renewable Energy Trust (RET)

In addition to the 5 criteria noted above, there is a "6th criteria" for communities served by a municipal electrical utility (in Reading's case, RMLD): RMLD must adopt a renewable energy charge that would apply to all 4 towns served by RMLD. State legislation has been filed, and is in committee, to allow municipalities served by multi-community municipal utilities to opt-in to the RET separately.

Staff and MAPC gave an update (and an overview of the Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Policy) to the Select Board on June 1, 2021.

Additional Information on the Criteria can be found on the Becoming a Designated Green Community page of the Massachusetts government.

Documents specific to Reading will be uploaded below as they become available.


Criteria 1 - As of Right Siting & Criteria 2 - Expedited Permitting

Criteria 3 - Energy Reduction Plan

Criteria 4 - Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy

Criteria 5 - Stretch Code

View the Stretch Code Page

Criteria 6 - Renewable Energy Charge

Pending Legislation:

  • S.2201H.3327 - An Act Relative to Municipal Light Plant Participation in Green Communities (Lewis/Jones/Haggerty filing)
  • S.2171 / H.3369 - An Act Removing Barriers For Municipal Power Communities to Become Green Communities (Eldridge/Sena filing)