Vehicle Maintenance

The mission of the Vehicle Maintenance Division is to provide the Department of Public Works with the most functionally effective equipment possible, to maintain the equipment at a high state of readiness, to preserve the residual value of the equipment and its component parts, and to minimize or eliminate unscheduled maintenance which can cripple the operational efficiency of the Department.

The Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible for the development and implementation of professional fleet management standards and practices and the design and procurement of all public works vehicles and equipment. The Vehicle Maintenance division also provides critical support of vehicle maintenance of several other departments within the Town, such as the Schools, Fire, Police, Council on Aging.

The Vehicle Maintenance Division located at the Department of Public Works Facility is staffed by four full time mechanics. The Division services over 119 pieces of DPW equipment ranging from lawn mowers to heavy construction equipment, in addition to police cruisers, fire trucks, and several other municipal vehicles and equipment.

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