Road Resurfacing & Construction Updates


January 25th Update: Concrete pour for the water tank foundation is expected Tuesday 1/31, please allow for extra travel time and consider alternate routes. After the foundation is poured and cured, there may be a brief winter shutdown before restarting. 


January 19th UpdateContractor has either lined or replaced all water main locations with the exception of Haven Street. The work on the one-way portion of Haven Street has been slower than expected due to multiple utility conflicts and wet weather. Next week the contractor is hopeful to complete the area between Linden and Sanborn Street then continuing towards Main Street. Service work continues and will be scheduled as needed by the second crew. Please beware of closed parking when the barrels are flipped towards the street during construction hours. 

Sewer Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining (CIPP):

January 19th Update:  CIPP lining is expected to begin in the same locations we cleaned and CCTV earlier this winter.    

Sturges Park Pump Station:

January 19th Update:  The new wet well for the station has been installed. Additional work on site will be necessary to tie in the new station and remove the old station over the next weeks to months.