Purchase Maps & Data

Town of Reading GIS data and maps are public records.  They may be purchased in their original format.  Users are encouraged to print the maps found in the GIS Map Library and in the Trail Map Library. Property maps may be printed from the Property Maps page.  Zoning maps may be printed from the Zoning Maps page.

The following maps are available at the Town Clerk’s office:

Available GIS Maps

Paper Maps Price
Reading Street Atlas (11 Inches by 17 Inches) One free, then $1 per copy 
Zoning (11 Inches by 17 Inches) $5
Zoning (24 Inches by 36 Inches) $10
Flood Zones (24 Inches by 36 Inches) $10

Pre-existing, color GIS maps not listed on the Available GIS Maps table are available for purchase at the prices on the Maps by Request table. Requests should be made to the GIS Administrator. 

Maps by Request

Paper Maps Price
8.5 Inches by 11 Inches $3
11 Inches by 17 Inches $5
24 Inches by 36 Inches $10
36 Inches by 42 Inches or larger $15

GIS Data

GIS data may be purchased by submitting a GIS Data Request Form (PDF) including the accompanying Digital Data Release Agreement to the GIS Administrator. Payment must be received prior to delivery of the data.

Disclaimer - The following disclaimer applies to all maps and data.

The Town of Reading makes no claims and provides no guaranty or warranty as to the validity, accuracy, or reliability of the information contained within this document or its fitness for any particular purpose. The Town of Reading is not responsible for data developed by other individuals or organizations. It is the responsibility of the user of this document or the data contained herein to evaluate its suitability for the intended purpose. Reliance upon the data contained within this document is at the risk of the user.