Economic Development Summit

Every year, the Town of Reading's Economic Development Division plans and hosts this public forum. Speakers provide timely remarks and insights on economic trends that dovetail with the Town's latest Economic Development initiatives. The Town hosts this event annually during the Fall. Forum specific materials will be circulated to the public ahead of these meetings. 

  1. 2023 Summit
  2. 2022 Summit
  3. 2021 Summit
  4. 2020 Summit
  5. 2019 Summit
  6. 2018 Summit
  7. 2017 Summit



This Economic Development Summit was combined with Reading's 2023 Financial Forum II. At this year's summit, MBTA Communities Zoning and the Community Preservation Act, two important concepts related to economic development, housing, and sustainable municipal finance, were discussed. 

The MBTA Communities Section 3A law will zone areas within a 1/2 mile radius of Reading's Commuter Rail Station for multi-family housing. This will enable greater housing stock within Reading and within all MBTA Communities. The presentation linked below is an excellent overview of where Reading stands as of October 2023 regarding MBTA Communities.
For more information regarding the overall, state-wide initiative, please see

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) can serve as an annually replenishable funding source for Affordable Housing, Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation/Reuse, as well as acquisition of land and property for public projects. The presentation linked below provides specific Reading examples of projects that could be funded by CPA. 
For general information on CPA, please see


MBTA Communities Zoning

Community Preservation Act


Economic Development Summit 2023