Employee Parking

We are sold out of Employee Passes for 2022

At this time no further employee passes can be sold. There is currently a Parking Committee looking into addressing downtown parking concerns for the Select Board. If any regulations change it will not be for a couple more months. We will update this page if changes are made to employee parking.

Latest Information

November 29, 2021

Dear Business Associate,

The New Year is approaching and there have been some changes to the Reading Employee Parking Program. There are various locations around town that will be designated as 'Two Hour or All Day Parking with Employee Pass'. These spaces are open to anyone who has purchased the Employee Parking Placard. There will be no more assigned parking spaces.

The Employee Placards will go on sale beginning December 13, 2021. Businesses will be allowed to purchase up to five parking passes for $240 / each at that time. After February 1, 2022, each business can request additional passes. These additional passes will be given out in a case-by-case situation depending upon the number of employees and amount of passes left.

To purchase these passes online please go to the Reading's ViewPoint Cloud website or by going onto the Reading Police Department website and click on the Employee Parking Tab. Upon purchase of your employee placard please see the map indicating where these Parking spaces will be located. The map can also be found on the Reading Police Website under the Employee Parking Tab. You may still purchase in person if you prefer by printing the attached application and bringing it to the Police Station as in the past. Please see the following hours:


Monday to Wednesday
8 am to 4:30 pm

8 am to 4 pm


For additional information regarding purchasing Employee Parking Passes please contact, Erika Ballard, Parking Clerk by phone at 781-942-6642 or email Erika Ballard.

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