Trails Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Reading Trail Committee is to plan, develop, and maintain present and future trails in the Town of Reading. The goal is for the Town to create and maintain a connected, well coordinated system of trails to serve the residents of the community. The Committee works closely with the Conservation Commission and the Town Forest Committee on permitting and coordinating projects. The Committee also works with the Reading Open Land Trust (ROLT) on connecting town-owned land with ROLT properties and with Walkable Reading to encourage walking.
The Reading Trails Committee has a sunset clause of June 30, 2018.
Trail Maintenance and Suggestions:
Trail users are encouraged to report trail maintenance issues or suggestions to the Trails Committee Email or on the Committee's Facebook Page. Individuals or groups interested in maintaining a specific trail are encouraged to check out the Committee's Adopt-A-Trail Program.

Board Members

Name Title
Thomas Gardiner Chair
Will Finch Member
Jean Jacobs Member
Edward Crowley Member
Dave Williams Member
John E. Parsons Associate