Basic Trouble Shooting Tips

Simple Trouble Shooting Tips

  • Computer problems? Have you tried rebooting?

  • Monitor blank, power light off? Check the video/power cables connected to your PC and monitor.

  • Monitor blank, power light on? Try wiggling your mouse or your keyboard. (It may be sleeping)

  • No power? Try checking your power strip and/or electrical plugs.

  • Can’t print? See if turning your printer off and then on again helps.

  • Can you login? Check your Caps Lock and Num Lock.

  • Wireless keyboard/mouse problems? It may be your batteries or power switches are turned off.

  • Wired keyboard/mouse problems? Unplug then plug them back into their USB/PS2 ports.

  • Has your PC frozen up? Reboot your PC by holding in the power button for 10 seconds.

  • What do I clean my equipment with? First turn off the PC/monitor and unplug anything electrical. NEVER use water on any computer or its parts! Spray a cleaning solution meant specifically for computers onto a dry microfiber type cloth. Do NOT, apply pressure on any parts. Gently wipe the monitor, keyboard and etc. Keep food and drinks away from any-and-all of your technological equipment.

  • Do I need an Antivirus program? Yes, and it is important to keep and have an antivirus program which is up-to-date! If you are using Reading equipment, the IT Dept., ‘pushes’ antivirus definitions on a regular basis. For ‘your personal computer’ it is important to install, read and keep this program updated as often as possible.

  • How do I avoid getting viruses? Most computers get viruses through email and hacked websites. This is why you should not open emails from strangers (even then it can come from a friend who’s gotten one) and keep your antivirus program up-to-date. Also try and limit your internet browsing to the top ten search results.

  • How important is my password? Your password is in essence, the keys to your computer/network kingdom. Try and make it easy to remember but complex enough to make it difficult to crack. Capital letters, numbers as well as symbols in a password can help to make it much more secure. Also NEVER tell anyone what your password is. When in doubt, change your password.

  • Can I give out my private information? NEVER give out any of your private information to ANYONE who is soliciting this information through the web, mail or even websites. A Goverment agency will never send you an email asking for your Social Security Number or Bank Routing numbers.


The Town of Reading IT department or helpdesk must disclaim against responsibility for the effects of their advice. For instance if they were to advise a user to change something on their computer and the user does not implement this correctly causing system down time, the town does not want to be held liable for this:

The Town of Reading accepts no liability for the content of this Trouble Shooting Tip Sheet, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Any views or opinions presented on this page are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Town.

June 20, 2013 the Town of Reading Information Technology Department