Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


There is a strong sewer odor in my area.

Sewer odors at catch basins can be caused by rotting leaves, low flow in an adjacent catch basin and inappropriate dumping of dog feces, oil, paint or other pollutants. Residents can help alleviate these odors by never dumping anything into a catch basin. Catch basins are installed to collect rainwater only Please call the DPW at 781-942-9092 or 781-942-9077 and leave your name, phone number and nearest address or street intersection where you smell the sewer odor.

Who should I call if I have sewage backup into my home?

If the sewer backs up (for example the toilet, sink, tub or washing machine) please call the Water & Sewer Division at 781-942-9092 Monday - Friday from 7:00 am‚ 3:00 pm. They will make sure that the problem isn't in the Town's system.

Emergency (Nights, Weekends, Holidays) Call Reading Police Department 781-944-1212. Please provide your name, address and phone number.

How much of the sewer service is the homeowner's responsibility?

The homeowner's responsibility runs from the sewer main in the street to the house.

Who do I call to repair the sewer pipe? How do I know if a sewer pipe needs to be repaired?

Please call the Water & Sewer Division first and they will help if they can. A sewer pipe must be repaired by a Licensed Drain Layer. A list of current drain layers is available at the Engineering Division Office. If the problem is in the house and needs to be repaired, the homeowner would call a plumber after calling the Water and Sewer Division.