Parking Enforcement and Animal Control


Phone: (781) 942-6773
Fax: (781) 944-2893

Dual Roles

Ronald Burns is a non-sworn, civilian who is assigned as the Reading Police Department's Parking Enforcement Officer and Animal Control Officer. Mr. Burns works on a part-time basis Monday through Friday.

Parking Enforcement

Mr. Burns has the authority to enforce the Town of Reading's Parking & Traffic Regulations across Town.Mr. Burns' primary mission as the Parking Enforcement Officer is to enforce these important regulations within the Downtown Business District. Click here to read some helpful information about parking regulations in Reading.

Animal Control

Mr. Burns' mission at the Animal Control Officer does not include wildlife management, wildlife epidemiology, trapping, or conducting humane euthanasia in the field. Mr. Burns enforces local pet bylaws such as proper registration and leashing requirements. Local animal bylaws are codified under Article 8.8 of the Town of Reading's General Bylaws. In additon, Mr. Burns helps to investigate and coordinate responses to dog bites, neighborhood pest animals, initial reporting of animal abuse, and other animal related matters. For matters involving hunting or serious wildlife management problems contact the Department of Fish & Game at (617) 626-1500. Requests for trapping should be directed to a state licensed Problem Animal Control Agent. A listing for the PAC Agents in our area may be found by clicking here.