Dispatch: Overview

Overview of Dispatch

Emergencies: 911
Business: (781) 944-1212
Fax: (781) 670-2504


Our Dispatch center is referred to as "Reading Control" or the "Communications Center." It is a designated Public Safety Access Point for emergency communications. Even though Dispatch is located inside the Police Department, it provides 911 Call Management for both the Reading Police Department and the Reading Fire Department. Our Dispatch has the ability to coordinate a response from local and regional emergency personnel.

Head Dispatcher: Victoria Avery
Phone: (781) 944-122
Email: vavery@ci.reading.ma.us

Duties of the Head Dispatcher

  • Prepare phone recordings for court
  • Coordinate required trainings for Dispatch
  • Designated point of contact for CJIS
  • Coordinate service and repair of Dispatch equiptment
  • Supervise Additonal Dispatchers

Civilian Dispatchers

  • Dispatcher Regina Benoit 
  • Dispatcher Susan Tapley
  • Dispatcher Ryan Mahoney
  • Dispatcher Joseph Pagnotta
  • Dispatcher Deborah Haynes
  • Dispatcher Christopher Finnegan
  • Dispatcher Jen Antczak
  • Dispatcher Alyssa Bryan
  • Dispatcher Cheryl Nahigian