Child Requiring Assistance

General Information

Provisions within Chapter 119 of the Massachusetts General Laws grants parents and guardians the right to file an Application for Assistance with the courts for Children Requiring Assistance, who are statutorily defined as a child between 6 years old and 18 who:

  1. Repeatedly runs away from the home of a parent or legal guardian;
  2. Repeatedly fails to obey the lawful and reasonable commands of a parent or legal guardian, thereby interfering with the parent's or legal guardian's ability to adequately care for and protect the child;
  3. Repeatedly fails to obey lawful and reasonable school regulations; or
  4. “Habitually truant” a school aged child is “habitually truant” when not otherwise excused from attendance in accordance with lawful and reasonable school regulations, willfully fails to attend school for more than 8 school days in a quarter.

By filing an Application for Assistance at court, a child will gain access to help and services that can improve behavior, support the child and help them avoid future incidents with the criminal justice system.

Where Do Reading Parents File Applications for Assistance

Woburn District Court
30 Pleasant Street
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 935-4000

Additonal Information