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MassDOT Construction Update

MassDOT opened bids for the West St. Reconstruction Project on Sept. 30, 2014, and the Contract was awarded to Newport Construction.  Construction is expected to begin towards the end of April, 2015. A public informational meeting will be held on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Parker Middle School auditorium.  Please see the link below for nore detailed information regarding the informational hearing.  Detours, road closures, and delays should be expected during construction.   The Engineering Division will continue to update this website before and during construction as information becomes available.


West Street Anticipated Project Milestones

The West Street project which is bid and managed by MassDOT began active construction on May 4th.


Construction hours are from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


As of Thursday July 23, 2015 the following work has occurred:

  • Trimmed and removed trees necessary for the Project.

  • Utility crews have relocated utility poles and are in the process of transferring cables.

  • The short section of Willow Street which runs between Summer Avenue and West Street, alongside the grassed island was permanently closed to all traffic.

  • The contractor installed approximately 2,800 feet of drainage on West Street from the West / Willow / Summer Avenue intersection to the West Street\King Street intersection.

  • The Contractor has installed new catch basins along the new drainage system.

  • Reclaimed roadway surface from Longwood Road to King Street.


Beginning the week of July 27, 2015 the following work is anticipated:

  • Continue installing drainage on West Street from King Street heading towards Woburn Street.


    Roadway Reclamation (weather permitting)

    The roadway reclamation process to occur on West Street is a two step process. The second process is anticipated to occur during the week of August 3rd. Each process will take the entire week to complete.

    During the reclamation process travel along West Street will be restricted.

    Residents are urged to relocate vehicles to adjacent side streets prior to or promptly at 7:00 AM to insure the ability to travel. If your have not relocated your vehicle prior to this time and need to travel when the reclamation process is in the vicinity of your property there could be up to a half hour delay before you are able to move your vehicle.

    During the reclamation process, West Street starting at Longwood Road and the intersection of West Street, Willow Street and Summer Avenue will be closed to all traffic. During the second reclamation process, it is anticipated that this section of West Street including the intersection will be closed on Wednesday August 5th and on Friday August 7th.  During reclamation on these days the West Street traffic will be re-routed through Wilmington to Lowell Street Rte. 129 to Woburn Street.

    In addition, West Street from Woburn Street to King Street will be open to local residents only during the entire week, to allow for the drainage work to continue.


The closure of the West Street, Willow Street and Summer Avenue intersection all traffic which normally passes through this intersection to be re-routed through Wilmington to Lowell Street Rte. 129 to Woburn Street and back to West Street.  

The detour utilizing Summer Avenue and Woburn Street has been in effect since the start of construction. This detour will remain in effect until further notice when active construction is occurring on West Street.


Proposed Construction Phases

•Phase 1 - Longwood Road to Winslow Road/ King Street

•Phase 2 - Winslow Road/ King Street to Lewis Street/ Scotland Road

•Phase 3 - Lewis Street/ Scotland Road to Border Road

In each phase the contractor will first install new drainage which will then be followed by the reclamation of the existing roadway surface and the installation of the first layer of pavement.

The installation of new curbing, sidewalks, new traffic signals and the final surfaces of roadway pavement will then follow.

The entire project includes approximately 7,500 feet (1.4 miles) along West Street and an additional 2,500 feet (.5 mile) along the intersecting side streets for a total project length of approximately 10,000 feet (1.9 miles). The project includes upgrading and new traffic signals at West Street/Woburn Street/Wescroft Road, West Street/Willow Street/Summer Avenue, West Street/King Street/Winslow Road and Summer Avenue/Woburn Street intersections


The project is expected to take 2 years to complete and detours are anticipated throughout the project duration.

The Town will hold weekly meetings with MassDOT and their contractor Newport Construction to discuss the projects progress and the upcoming weeks planned construction.

The information received at the meeting will be placed on the Town’s web site at:




Residents who would like to be included in weekly emails regarding the project status should forward their email to:

Chris Cole at  ccole@ci.reading.ma.us


George Zambouras at  gzambouras@ci.reading.ma.us



MassDOT Construction Drawings


MWRA Water Construction Drawings


Past Public Informational Meeting Information





The project includes the West Street Corridor from the Woburn City Line to just north of its intersection with Willow Street in Reading, Massachusetts.  Improvements to the intersection of Woburn Street at Summer Avenue are also included as part of the project.  The project limits along the corridor extend approximately 7,500 feet (1.4 miles) along West Street and an additional 2,500 feet (.5 mile) along the intersecting side streets for a total project length of approximately 10,000 feet (1.9 miles).


Construction is anticipated to begin Spring 2014.  Additional information will follow shortly as it becomes available.