Spring 2015 Road Resurfacing List

Updated January 21, 2015


1.   A Street (End to end)                                                        

2.   B Street (Libby Ave. to end (E))                                       

3.   Bradford Road (Lowell St. to end)                                    

4.   C Street (Libby Ave. to end)                                                         

5.   Crocus Lane (Libby Ave. to end)                                     

6.   D Street (Libby Ave. to end (E))                                       

7.   E Street (Libby Ave. to end (E))                                       

8.   Fremont Street (West St. to Prospect St.)                           

9.   Heritage Drive (Libby Ave. to end)                                              

10. Howard Street (Sigsbee St. to County Rd.)                        

11. Ivy Lane (Libby Ave. to end)                                           

12. James Road (Whitehall Ln. to Gleason Rd.)                                 

13. Laneton Way (Longview Rd. to end)                                            

14. Libby Avenue (Salem St. to end)                                      

15. Longview Road (Palmer Hill Ave. to Prospect St.)            

16. Manning Street (Pleasant St. to 100’ from Pleasant St.)     

17. Margaret Road (End to end)                                                          

18. Palmer Hill Avenue (West St. to Longview Rd.)               

19. Parkman Road (Lowell St. to Margaret Rd.)                                  

20. Pasture Road (Franklin St. to end)                                    

21. Pleasant Street (Parker St. to end)                                     

22. Scout Hill Lane (Shady Hill Lane to end)                         

23. Shady Hill Lane (Putnam Rd. to end)                               

24. Sherwood Road (Avalon Rd. to James Rd.)                                  

25. Sturges Road (South St. to Sturges Rd.)                            

26. Whitehall Lane (South St. to Avalon Rd.)