A Constable who has given bond of not less than $5,000 may service any writ or other process in a personal action in which the damages are laid at a sum not exceeding $1,500 and any process in replevin in which the subject matter does not exceed in value $2,500. 

In addition, Constables shall serve all warrants and processes directed to them by the Board of Selectmen for notifying Town Meetings or for other purposes. They may serve by copy, attested by them, demands, notices and citations. 

A Constable, in the execution of a warrant or writ directed to him/her, convey prisoners and property in his/her custody under such process beyond the limits of his/her town, the justice who issued it or to the jail or house of correction in his/her county. If a warrant is issued against a person for an alleged crime committed within any town, any Constable thereof to whom the warrant is directed may apprehend him in any place of the Commonwealth.

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