Climate Advisory Committee
16 Lowell Street
Reading, Massachusetts 01867
Main Numbers Meeting Information

Contact: Paula Schena

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

Phone: 781-942-9043

Location: Town Hall

Fax: 781-942-9071

Time: 7:00 p.m.


Agendas Minutes
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Name Title Term Expires
Joan Boegel Chairman 2018
David Zeek   2017
Ronald Daddario   2017
Ray Porter   2018
Laurie Ann Sylvia   2016
Gina Snyder Associate 2016
Michele Benson Associate 2016
David L. Williams Associate 2018


Mission Statement:

The Reading Climate Advisory Committee is an official town advisory committee, comprised of concerned citizen volunteers seeking to achieve environmental, economic and societal sustainability by raising public awareness and influencing the community, including its government, to reduce energy use and foster environmental stewardship in a cost effective manner.

The Climate Advisory Committee has a sunset clause of June 30, 2017.

Specific Goals:

  • Minimize Reading's contribution to climate change by reducing our green house gas emissions.
  • Reduce Reading's dependence on fossil fuel by promoting energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy purchase and generation and alternative modes of transportation
  • Ensure the longevity of our local and global ecosystem by fostering responsible stewardship
  • Enhance public health by improving air quality and protecting the earth's natural resources


  • Educate our citizenry with a strong public awareness campaign that involves town government, the schools, the media, and various public forums
  • Look for grant opportunities at the regional, state and federal level and pursue those that would help us meet our goals
  • Partner with local business to increase effectiveness and cooperation
  • Influence the town's bylaws, policies and codes, including those pertaining to zoning, the town's master plan and other proceedings to formalize sustainable improvements
  • Encourage state and federal officials to take a more active role in climate protection
  • Foster discussions on climate change and engage the community to envision a productive and resilent community based on renewable energy
  • Reach out to neighboring communities to assist them in establishing similar efforts and to collaborate on regional projects


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