Please Note:

The application must be complete - a copy of a license, registration, insurance affidavit and Certificate of Insurance

Bathrooms - Applications must include at least a legible plan showing rough dimensions and locations of all fixtures, walls, windows, and doors.  Exterior walls must be specified.

Showers and tubs on exterior walls must have insulation and an air barrier (sheetrock) separating them from the exterior wall.

Unless the underside of the floor is visible from the floor below, the floor of the bathroom should not be nailed down or otherwise secured until after the building inspector has inspected the work.

Deck - The deck construction guide must be followed.

Roofing - Shingles used must be rated to withstand 110 MPH, or greater winds.

Windows - Safety glazing is required at hazardous locations.  Example:  on staircase or near shower or tub.

Air Barrier - BCS Information Electrical Permit Fee
Blower Door Testing Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Application
Building Permit Fees Gas Application
Certificate of Inspection Plumbing and Gas Permit Fee
Checklist for Residential Building   Application

Plumbing Application

Commerical Building Application

Request for Occupancy Application

Deck Construction Guide

Residential Building Application

Demolition Sign Off Sheet

Residential Energy Efficiency

Table of Dimensional Controls Sheet Metal Permit
Duct Tightness Verification Sign Application
Dumpster Permit Sign-offs Required to Obtain a Building Permit - Commercial
Electrical Application Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs


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