Board of Assessors


Robert N. Marshall
04/2017 -served since 2014  
Francis Golden MAA
04/2016 -served since 2013
Robert Quinn
04/2015 -served since 2012  

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The Reading Board of Assessors is a three member elected Board. Each member of the Board of Assessors serves three year terms.
 According to the Reading Home Rule Charter:
Section 3-6: Board of Assessors
There shall be a Board of Assessors consisting of three (3) members elected for three (3) year terms so arranged that one (1) term shall expire each year. The Board of Assessors may appoint property appraisers and shall have all the powers and duties given to Boards of Assessors by the Law of the Commonwealth not inconsistent with this Charter.
[Amended November 30, 1989 (Article 36) and approved by vote of the Town on March 19, 1990]


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