Assessment FAQs


When are real estate and personal property taxes due each year?
Currently, the real estate and personal property tax bills are mailed and due four (4) times a year. Preliminary bills are due August 1st and November 1st. Actual tax bills are due February 1st and May 1st. The preliminary bills do not have a tax rate or value. The actual tax bill in December has the new tax rate and the new value for the Fiscal Year.
What is the current tax rate?
For fiscal year 2014 - $14.74 per $1,000
Does the Town of Reading have one tax rate or have a split rate?
For FY 2014 Reading has one tax rate
How many single family homes are in the Town of Reading?
How many two-family home are in the Town of Reading?
How many condos are in the Town of Reading?
How many taxable real estate parcels are in the Town of Reading?
What is the total taxable value of the Town of Reading?
For FY 2014, the total of all taxable parcels and personal property accounts is: $3,829,312,775
What is my book and page?
The book and page is the legal reference of recording of a deed at the Registry of Deeds. All deeds for Reading are recorded at the Middlesex South Registry of Deeds in Cambridge. The book and page reference is printed on your tax bill just to the right of the Map and Parcel. The Assessors online information also shows the book and page. See the Middlesex South Registry of Deeds link for more information.
How is my property tax determined?
For information on how property taxes are determined and how Proposition 2 1/2 works view the publication below
When do I file for and abatement of my real estate or personal property tax?
You can file an application for abatement on real estate or personal property bills after the mailing of the actual tax bill in December. Typically, these bills are issued mid to late December every year. Abatement applications must be timely filed by the due date of the February 1st tax payment of each year.
When do I file for my exemption?
You can file your application for exemption after the mailing of the actual tax bill in December. The deadline is 3 months after the mailing date of the actual real estate bill.
I traded in my car…what documentation do I need to provide for an abatement?
You need to supply verification of two things when you apply for an application for abatement of an excise tax; what happened to the plate AND what happened to the vehicle:
A) You need a copy of the new registration of the vehicle that the plates where transferred to or the plate return receipt to verify what happened to the plates on the vehicle AND
B) A copy of the trade-in paperwork, bill of sale, or donation or junk yard receipt.
How was the value of the excise bill determined?
The Registry of Motor Vehicles determines the value of the car. It is a percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For more information on the specifics of Motor Vehicle Excise, refer to the Motor Vehicle Excise tab.
Who do I call with questions about payments?
For questions regarding the payment of a bill please contact the Collector's Office at 781-942-9023.
I just moved... How can I let the Registry know my new address?
The Registry has a web page that allows you to do online transactions, like changing your address. Return to the previous page and click on their link.
For an overview of the assessment of property and property tax issues, view this publication provided by The Department of Revenue and the Massachusetts Assessors Association: You and Your Property Taxes